Refinably's AI engine empowers sales teams to know exactly what action needs to be taken next and why

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What is Refinably?

Your Sales Sidekick

Refinably analyzes, processes, and learns from your historical and real time sales data to intelligently recommend and route what action needs to be taken next and why.
Take your focus off of micro-managing the data and on to managing the deal. Goodbye complicated workflows, forgotten dashboards and bad data. Hello pipeline peace of mind.
How It Works


Connect in seconds

Uncover what steps and updates lead to winning deals.  Quick, simple and secure.


Take action

Intelligent and actionable insights delivered  to you directly in Salesforce or Slack. 


Close more deals

Keep your manager off your back and stop worrying about what you need to do next, we’ll show you.  


Discover what's important

Within seconds we analyze your Salesforce data to understand what actions yielded the best outcomes and empower you to mirror those steps to close more deals. Think of Refinably as your personal SalesOps sidekick!

Work smarter

Refinably automatically uncovers and routes the next best action needed. Update fields directly within an alert and collaborate or assign tasks on any Salesforce field. No configuration, no tab or tool switching and no guessing.

Track improvement

More visibility into the way your team is working and how your processes are impacting your pipeline data. Uncover which reps are struggling with pipeline hygiene and what opportunities continue to cause issues.
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