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Refinably analyzes the impact tool and feature usage has on employee performance while automating the way companies identify and resolve user workflow issues.
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The Problem

Managers of high growth teams are drowning in a sea of ad-hoc tasks and fragmented workflows

No prioritization system

Managers and ops spend 10-30% of their time putting out fires, constantly flooded with vague requests, Slacks, emails, calls and context-switching.

Lack of visibility

Problems are discovered or reported with minimal context and teams are left retroactively trying to fix user behavior they don't understand.

Relying on users

Traditional issue tracking systems interrupt user workflows and rely entirely on users reporting problems and not finding workarounds.

The Solution

Issue capture purpose-built for high performance teams


Meet users where they work

Our plugin sits on any tool your users use and allows them to quickly record, route, and prioritize videos of issues or questions at hand. Oh, and we automatically provide you with all the “breadcrumbs” of what led up to the issue.

Detect and route all the issues

We automatically detect any time your users hit an error or fall off the happy path and log that information. Instantly analyzing the velocity, volume and user impact and notifying the correct owner.

Enhance your current workflows

Our goal is to make capturing issues easy - for both you and your users. We can integrate with any ticketing systems or processes you have in place or simply use our out-of-the-box Kanban board.